Planned Giving

Welcome! We are pleased that you have interest in learning about the many benefits of gift plans. If you have any questions about the best way for you to benefit through a planned gift, please call. A member of our Planned Giving Team will be very pleased to help you.
Donor Stories Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.
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The Heritage Society

Many Southwestern College donors choose to make gifts in the form of a deferred gift. These assets will become available to the college some time in the future. Deferred gifts may include naming the college in a will, as beneficiary in a life insurance policy, in various types of trusts, or in other deferred gifts. These donors qualify for membership in the Heritage Society.

If you have made a provision for Southwestern College in your estate plans, please let us know so that you can also be included in the Heritage Society.

As of December 2011

Norma K. Ackeret
Donald D. and Lois M. Adams
Craig and Susie Anderson
Don and Margaret Anderson
Warren and Colleen Andreas
Dorothy Cortelyou Arnold
Herbert Austin
C. Ray and Ann Anderson Baird
Jack and Dorothy Banks
Paul and Chris Bean
Ruth Behnke
Lloyd and Martha Bertholf
F. Calvin and Phyllis J. Bigler
Etcyl and Ruth Blair
Bruce and Karen Blake
Pansie L. Boyer
Laura Bradbury
Jim and Jesse Bradley
Gayle Hall
Frank and Kathy Brazle
Fran Broadhurst
Gladys Brown-Stutzman
E. Marie Burdette
Jim and Charlotte Buterbaugh
Helen Cain
Faith Callahan
Edna Carttar
Steve and Sally Cauble
Gerald A. and Dulcie E. Caywood
Mary Marvel Chase
Judith Charlton
Winifred Cloud
David and Sherry Clymer
Ward and Helen Cole
Conco, Inc
Alice Cooper
Frank and Jerry Countryman
Frances D. Cranston
L. Erlis and Evelyn Cranston
Howard L. and Marilyn J. Crenshaw
Frankie Cullison
Margaret K. Davidson
John Davis
Pearle Davis
James B. Dean
Ralph Decker
Harold and Mary Ellen Deets
Keith and Joyce Dial
Curtis and Sparla Dick
Ruby Diehl
Jim and Hazel Dole
David and Jo Pat Dolsen
E. Dale and Frances Dunlap
Emma Dunn
Robert E. and Delores L. Eades
Larry and Lequita Eason
Sven and Barbara Ebbesson
Dorsey and Marjorie Elliott
Mildred R. Erhart
Clyde Ernst
Edna Ewert
David and Selma Fanshier
Jim and Bette Farney
Floyd Fassnacht
Carrol and Hazel Felker
Cecil and Helen Findley
Ruby Findley
Florence Irvin Fisher
Elva Gagnebin
Olive B. Garfield
Florence Gieber
Margaret Gilger
Lois M. Gillespie
Lyle G. and Vivian J. Glenn
Kern and Bette Gordon
Merrill Gordon
Brent and Lolita Gould
Ken and Susan Goyen
Claude Gray
Wallace and Ina Gray
Howard I. Hale
Art Hann
Rory and Donna Hansen
Gleva Hanson
Donald G. and Carol Hapward
Vera M. Hargett
Duane and Avenell Harms
Judy Hart
Rose Hartman
James W. and Annabelle Haupt
Harold and Melba Hauser
Eloise Hayes
Larry and Barbara Hays
Keith and Elizabeth Hege
Gene and Nina Hemphill
Oliver R. and Helen Hester
Dean and Avis Hilfinger
Gordon and Rose Hinde
Roy C. and Miriam House
Earlene Houts
Jean Hovgard
Alberta Huber
Glen and Charlotte Humburg
Evangeline Jackson
Richard L. Jantz
Phillip R. and Mary H. Jarvis
Margaret Jewell
Louise Johnson
Basil L. and Ruth S. Johnson
Victor and Susie Johnston
Gertrude Kassebaum
Curtis E. and Thuraline Keith
Chrystal Kellogg
Eliza Kesler
Harold E. and Lorine M. Kieler
Lauren Kilmer
David C. King
Gordon L. and Esther Unruh King
Fern Kinton
Willard J. Kiser
Pam Koehn
Charles and Verda Kopke
Nancy Manley Kuntz
Lucy Landon
Marvine Larson
Leonard and Janet Laws
Harlan and Helen Lenander
Kenneth D. and Ellen M. Lewis
Michael and Marjorie Lewis
Vern and Lois Livengood
Eugene and Sarah Lowry
Kent and Marti Lundy
Charles and Dorothy Maddin
Norbert R. Mahnken
Julien Manser and Catherine Van Dyke Manser
Carl and Mary Lou Martin
Lela Martin
Mildred Glass Martin
T. W. Mastin
David and Kim Matthews
Leon Mattocks
Alice Mavis
Jan McDaniel
Dick and Betty McGehee
Earl and Margaret McGowan
Velma McKinley
Susan McKnight
Thad and Phyllis McLaughlin
Alma Mae McMichael
Gerald and Sula McSpadden
Steve and Marilyn McSpadden
Ellen Miller
Max and Annabel Miller
Maurice P. Milliken
Everett and Ruth Mitchell
Edna Moore
J. Brandon Moore
Don and Mary Mull
Monte Murphy
Ralph F. Murray
Bill and Luella Neely
Gladys Newman
Jo Ann Newman
Charles E. Nichols
Bernie A. Nickel
Donald D. O'Hara
Becky A. O'Neal
Farrel M. and Kerin L. Oard
Fern Old
Barbara Parsons
Harvey and Adah Phelps
Neila Poshek
Bill Powers
Hugh and Lavon Prokesh
Iva Quesenberry
Scott and Margaret Rankin
Clay Ratcliff
Hal C. Reed
Effie Regier
George and Joan Rethorst
Aurel L. Rexroat
Mildred Richards
Bryon K. Rinke
Margaret H. Robb
Phyllis Robe
Forrest and Betty Jean Robinson
Jim Robinson
Robbie and Margie Robinson
Martha A. Rolingson
Marie Royce
Kelly Rundell
Gavin Russo
Diora Salley
Lawn and Isabelle Sauer
Verne and Lillian Schattner
Tom and Kay Schnittker
Maurine J. Schroeder
Del and Marcia Seevers
Grace Sellers
Tom and Barbara Sheldon
Eva Shelton
Joseph Sherman
Hazel A. Shriver
Eleanor Shumate
David E. and Linda L Smith
John T. and Sue Smith
Marjorie L. Smith
Olive Smith
Roy E. and Margaret Smith
Thomas E. Smith
E. Bernice Snyder
Murrel Snyder
Jon Soder
Constance Phillips Sorrentino
Dorothy E. Spitze
Glenys L. Spitze
Guy B. Stamps
Bill and Cloyce Stanley
Thelma Stanton
Jim and Nedra Starkey
Elizabeth Steiner
Bill and LeAnn Stephens
Bill and Paula Stephens
Glen and Freeda Steyer
Helen Storbeck
Marilyn K. McKelvy Stout
Orville and Marjorie Strohl
Curtis and Marian Stubbs
J. Alton and Dorothy Lear Templin
Carolyn Thomas
Max Thompson
Glen Trembath
Gene and June Turner
Fran Tyler
Helen Voran
Helen Waite
Jana Waite
Tom and Mari Wallrabenstein
Owena Weide
Zeppie R. West
Clarrissa Wheat
Ada Wiedemann
Richard B. and Julia K. Wilke
Joy Will
Bruce J. Williams
Jim and Charlotte Wilson
Mary Nell Wilson
R. Wayne Wilson
William H. and Katharine L. Wilson
Lena Wing
Harry J. Womeldorf
Helen Wroten
Irving and Lou Yabroff
Gordon Young